Bloons TD 6 Review

Oct 19, 2020


A classic flash game going mainstream.

Style: 6/10 Gameplay: 7/10 Story: 0.5/3 Overall: 6/10

Style: 6/10

The classic flash game franchise seems to be always changing usually for the better. In Bloons TD 6 the team seem to have decided to make the monkeys and the boss balloons 3D. I think this style would be fire if the rest of the balloons were 3D, but whatever. The sound is great with constant popping of balloons forever in the background.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay from the fifth to the sixth Bloons’ games does not change much. The only real difference is new maps, a tech tree, and new units called heroes. All of the new gameplay variations do not change gameplay that much, but the one new mode they introduced that changes up gameplay is called chimps where you have to make strategies to win unlike the regular gameplay loop.

Story: .5/10

There is no story, but there is fan lore which a developer has recognized and for some reason confirmed. Anyways no story just dumb fun.

Overall its just a fun game to play with or with out your friends, its fun to turn off your brain for lower rounds and panic as you forget to buy camo protection.